Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX

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Analogue mixer with a high quality 4 x 4 USB interface and an outstanding multi-model FX unit, making it a perfect all-round choice for musicians, recording artists and venues. The studio quality, 24-bit / 96kHz, 4×4 USB interface makes it easy to capture stunning multitrack recordings direct from the mixer to a Mac or PC. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. ZEDi-10FX includes a specially created suite of studio quality reverbs, delays and special multi-model FX, crafted by Allen & Heath’s acclaimed in-house effects aficionados. ZEDi-10FX’s mono channels feature Guitar DI high impedance inputs, 4 Mic / Line Inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets, 2 Stereo Inputs with TRS jack sockets, internal FX loop, Lo-cut filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise, 60 mm smooth travel fader on main mix, XLR main outpus, EQ, flexible signal monitoring, phantom power +48V, Cubase LE Software and Cubasis LE app, and a robust internal power supply. Продукт известен още и като ZEDi 10 FX, ZEDi10FX, ZEDi 10FX, ZEDi-10 FX
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