Phonic AM440D

Phonic AM440D

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Последно известна цена (18.09.2017): 272,00 лв

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Compact mixer from AM series with DFX, USB interface and wireless connectivity that provides four mono mic/line and four stereo channels. It features AUX send on each channel, 75Hz low-cut filter on mono channels and a 32/40-bit DFX processor with 16 programs and main parameter control. Mono channels also features 3-band EQ. A plug-and-play stereo recording interface is incorporated directly into the mixer, which allows for stereo recordings to be made in the privacy of home with sampling rates superior to that of audio CDs. USB port is included for direct connection of Phonic's UTM wireless microphone dongles – allowing up to two wireless USB microphones to have their signals directly routed into the mixer. Control Room/Phones source matrix is also provided for maximum monitor flexibility. Dimensions: 242 x 56 x 228 mm. Weight: 1.63 kg. Продукт известен още и като AM 440 D, AM 440D, AM440 D

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