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Power mix. Suitable for a wide range of uses which need exceptional sound quality and convenient operation, the EMX5 features high efficiency power amplifiers (delivering 630 W output per channel), with overload protection. A rugged enclosure, impact resistant metal chassis and integrated handles ensures both mixers are exceptionally durable, with the versatile design easily adapting to horizontal or vertical placement. Features four mono and four mono / stereo input channels, allowing up to eight microphones and line-level input sources to be connected, with channel 4 able to be used with Hi-Z inputs. Both have two Aux Send connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices; stereo TRS phone jack outputs, speaker jacks which can be used with both TS phone and speakON plugs and REC OUT unbalanced RCA-pin output jacks. The EMX5 features Yamaha's 1-Knob Master EQ for applying optimised Speech, Music, and Bass Boost settings. Dimensions: 465 x 308 x 325 mm. Weight: 9,5 kg Продукт известен още и като EMX 5
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